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Additional Notes on Megophrys sangzhiensis Jiang, Ye et Fei, 2008 (Amphibia,Anura,Megophryidae)
Author of the article:LIAO Chunlin1, LIANG Qianqian2, WANG Yan2, JIANG Jianping2*
Author's Workplace:(1. Hunan Badagongshan National Nature Reserve, Sangzhi, Hunan Province 427100, China; 2. Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu 610041, China)
Key Words:Megophrys sangzhiensis; morphology; female adult; eggs
Abstract:Based on 1 female adult and 6 male adults of Megophrys sangzhiensis newly collected at its typical habitat in June 21~24, 2012, this paper provides morphological data for this species, removing the shortage that only one male adult specimen was used to name the species Megophrys sangzhiensis. The newly collected male adults are generally consistent to the holotype on external morphology. Female adult are distinctly different from male adult by larger body-size (SVL 73.0 mm, n=1); dorsum reddish; red or dark red spots on chest with larger-fleck but fewer-numbered; weaker forelimbs; without vocal sac or acoustic noise hole, and nuptial spines on fingers. Egg clutch was discovered under stone in stream, in a incomplete ring pattern and accounted for 483~542 eggs (n=2); eggs milk white, without distinct color difference between animal and vegetal poles; egg diameter 3.56 mm ±0.13 mm (n=10). These would provide basic data for further research of this species.
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