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Changes and Significance of Serum IFABP and D-dimer in Rabbits With Acute Mesenteric Vein Thrombosis
Author of the article:YANG Heng1, WANG Pan2, YANG Qiang1*, WANG Jiasheng1, XU Hao1
Author's Workplace:(1.Department of General Surgery, Yongchuan Hospital, Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing 402160, China;2. Department of General Surgery, Chongqing Emergency Medical Center, Chongqing 400016, China)
Key Words:intestine fatty acid binding protein; D-dimer; superior mesenteric vein; thrombosis; diagnosis
Abstract:Objective  This experiment discussed the feasibility of using intestine fatty acid binding protein (IFABP) and D-dimer for early diagnosis of acute superior mesenteric vein thrombosis in rabbits. Methods  A total number of 64 New Zealand big rabbits were randomly divided into experimental group and control group. The model was established by ligating the vein, blocking blood flow, injuring the vascular wall and activating the coagulation factor. The hematology indicators of intestine fatty acid binding protein (IFABP) and D-dimer were respectively determined. Results  Compared with control group, serum IFABP and D-dimer of rabbits in experimental group significantly increased (P<0.01). Indicator comparison in different periods: IFABP increased significantly to 737.5 ng/mL±56.2 ng/mL in 30 minutes after treatment, reached the peak of 1800.1 ng/mL±85.5 ng/mL in 120 minutes, and remained 1414.1 ng/mL±92.3 ng/mL in 4 hours after treatment (P<0.01); D-dimer were continuously increasing (P<0.01). Conclusion  IFABP and D-dimer may be an ideal biological indicator for early diagnosis of acute superior mesenteric vein thrombosis.
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