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Amphibian and Reptilian Resources of Gutian Mountain National Nature Reserve in Zhejiang Province
Author of the article:FANG Xiao-bin, ZHOU Yi-lin, YANG Lu-yi, ZHAO Yi, ZHENG Wei-hong, LIU Jin-song*
Author's Workplace:(School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Wenzhou University, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province 325035, China)
Key Words:Gutian mountain; amphibian and reptile; species diversity; fauna; ecological groups
Abstract:Gutian mountain national nature reserve is located in Kaihua county, Zhejiang province, and possesses abundant resources in amphibians and reptiles. From June 2009 to August 2011, we investigated amphibians and reptiles in the Gutian mountain reserve. The results showed that amphibians of 17 species belonging to 2 orders and 7 families, and reptiles of 14 species belonging to 2 order and 4 families. Species number of amphibians and reptiles in the reserve accounted for 38.5% and 27.5% of total amphibians and reptiles in Zhejiang province, respectively. In this investigation, we found that 21 species of amphibians and reptiles distributed only in Oriental realm, and 10 species distributed both in Oriental and Palaearctic realms, which accounting for 64.7% and 32.3% of the total amphibians and reptiles, respectively. Among the composition, species of the Oriental realm showed some advantage. Some of amphibians in this investigation were terrestrial and quiet water types, accounting for 29.4% of all amphibians recorded; and many of reptiles were of terrestrial types, accounting for 42.8% of all reptiles recorded. According to the present situation of the reserve, we offered some suggestions about the conservation of amphibians and reptiles based on the results of the investigations.
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