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Three New Megascolecidae Species Collected from Yunnan, China (Haplotaxida: Megascolecidae: Amynthas)
Author of the article:SUN Jing1, JIANG Jibao2, ZHANG Lin1, QIU Jiangping2*
Author's Workplace:1. School of Materials and Environmental Engineering, Chengdu Technological University, Chengdu 611730, China;
2. School of Agriculture and Biology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China
Key Words:Megascolecidae; Amynthas; earthworm; new species; Yunnan
Abstract:Three new earthworm species, Amynthas pulvinatus Sun & Qiu, sp. nov., A. tropicus Sun & Jiang, sp. nov. and A. hiatus Sun & Qiu, sp. nov., were collected in the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture (Yunnan Province). A. pulvinatus sp. nov. has no spermathecal pore and belongs to the A. illotus-group. A. pulvinatus sp. nov. has a clitellum in XIV-9/10XVI segments; a pair of male pores on a large and nearly square cushion occupying XVII-1/2XIX segments; prostate gland degenerated; no spermatheca. A. tropicus sp. nov. has 1 pair of spermathecal pores in 7/8 segments, and belongs to the A. zebrus-group. A. tropicus sp. nov. has the first dorsal pore in 5/6 segments; a pair of male pores on XVIII segment, each on a cushion-like protrusion with 3-4 short and white round papillae around it; developed prostate gland; paired spermathecae in VIII segment, spermathecal ampulla ball-shaped, duck short and thick; distal 1/2 of diverticulum dilated into a full oval-shaped seminal chamber. A. hiatus sp. nov. has 2 pairs of spermathecal pores in 7/8-8/9 segments, and belongs to the A. aeruginosus-group. It has a pair of male pores on XVIII segment, each pore on a large oval gland area with a horizontal seam in the middle, and 4 circles of skin folds with acute angles on the outside of the oval, a pair of depressed genital papillae below and above the setal line of XVII and XIX segments, the rectangular area is surrounded by 4 papillae and 2 male pores slightly darker and glandular; intestinal caeca between simple and complex; prostate gland moderately developed; spermathecae paired in VIII-IX segments, spermathecal ampulla heart-shaped, duck short and thick and as long as 2/5 ampulla; diverticulum as long as the main spermathecal axis, the distal 1/3 dilated into a oval-shaped seminal chamber. All new species are accompanied by morphological descriptions, pictures, and morphological comparisons with its similar species, and the barcode accession numbers have been submitted to NCBI.
2021,40(5): 550-557 收稿日期:2021-03-12
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