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Two New Amphibian Records Polypedates impresus and Polypedates braueri in Guizhou Province
Author of the article:XIAO Ning1, LUO Qinghua2, LUO Tao2, WEI Fang3, ZENG Yajun4*
Author's Workplace:1. Guiyang Nursing Vocational College, Guiyang 550081, China;
2. School of Life Sciences, Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang 550001, China;
3. Libo County World Natural Heritage Administration, Libo, Guizhou Province 558400, China;
4. Guizhou Academy of Forestry, Guiyang 550004, China
Key Words:Rhacophoridae; Polypedates; Guizhou province; new record; phylogenetic analysis
Abstract:During 2016 to 2018, several specimens of species of the genus Polypedates were collected in the Maolan National Nature Reserve in Libo county and Zhujiashan County Nature Reserve in Huangping county, Guizhou province. The results of phylogenetic analysis and morphological comparison showed that the specimens are Polypedates impresus and Polypedates braueri, which are two new records for amphibians in Guizhou province.
2019,38(5): 496-505 收稿日期:2019-01-11
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