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Species Diversity and Faunal Characteristics of Amphibians and Reptiles in the Xiaoxi National Nature Reserve, Hunan
Author of the article:WU Tao, LIU Zhixiao*, ZHANG Youxiang, WANG Benzhong, MAO Zhengxiang, HUANG Taifu
Author's Workplace:College of Biology and Environmental Sciences, Jishou University, Jishou, Hunan Province 416000, China
Key Words:Xiaoxi National Nature Reserve; amphibian; reptile; species diversity; Polypedates mutus; Rhacophorus laoshan
Abstract:Background resources are a solid foundation of reserve construction and development, and also an important reference for further research and pratical conservation of biodiversity. Xiaoxi National Nature Reserve is a representative of primary secondary forest in central-south China. Since 2014, we had conducted systematic investigation and analysis on the resources, diversity and fauna of amphibians and reptiles in the reserve. The results indicated that there were 63 species of amphibians and reptiles belonging to 40 genera, 16 families and 2 orders. Among all the individuals observed, there were 33 amphibian species belonging to 15 genera, 7 families and 1 order, and 30 reptile species belonged to 25 genera, 9 families and 1 order. Notably, Polypedates mutus and Rhacophorus laoshan were 2 new records of amphibians in Hunan province. The species diversity and evenness indices in the core area were higher than those in the buffer and experimental areas of the reserve. The faunal components of the reserve were dominated by the Oriental species (48 species, 76.2%), and the rest were widespread species (15 species, 23.8%). No Palearctic species was found. Compared by average faunal resemblance (AFR) with the other 6 reserves (forest parks) in Hunan province, Xiaoxi National Nature Reserve had a peripheral relationship (AFR: 40%-59% ) with any of them. In view of abundance, typicality and representativeness of amphibian and reptile resources, further research and practical conservation should be strengthened.
2019,38(4): 452-458 收稿日期:2018-11-27
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