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Investigation of the Population Status of Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis in Type Locality Using Capture-Recapture Method
Author of the article:CHEN Yifan, ZHAI Xiaofei, TAO Xingyu, WANG Tongliang, WANG Jichao*
Author's Workplace:Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Ecology of Tropical Islands, College of Life Sciences, Hainan Normal University, Haikou 571158, China
Key Words:Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis; population status; capture-recapture method; type locality
Abstract:Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis is endemic to Hainan Island, China. Since its discovery in 2002, small population, limited distribution, and habitat fragmentation make this species listing as vulnerable (VU) under the Redlist of China's Biodiversity. The current population status of G. bawanglingensis still remains unknown. Based on the species distribution, two sample areas of the Bawangling National Nature Reserve were selected to investigate the population density, sex ratio, clutch size, and ratio of adult to juvenile by using a capture-recapture method from July to August 2018. The morphological characteristics of male and female individuals were also compared. The results showed that the population density of G. bawanglingensis in sampling area A was 846 individuals/hm2, the sex ratio was 1.6:1, and the ratio of adults to juveniles was 7:1. The population density in sampling area B was 591 individuals/hm2, with the sex ratio of 1.2:1, and the ratio of adults to juveniles was 10:1. The clutch size ranged from 1-3 and was 2 for 87% of the individuals. The morphological characteristics (except for snout length) had no significant difference between sexes. These results further complement the basic ecological data and provide a basis for the status assessment and protection of G. bawanglingensis. This study also suggests that the capture-recapture method using electronic tags is a simple and effective method for field survey of Goniurosaurus species, and thus can facilitate long-term monitoring.
2019,38(4): 420-424 收稿日期:2019-01-04
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