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A New Record of Snake (Opisthotropis zhaoermii) in Guizhou Province
Author of the article:HAN Ling1#, XIAO Ning1,2#, LUO Tao1, ZHOU Jiang1*
Author's Workplace:1. Guizhou Normal University, Guiyang 550001, China;
2. Guiyang Nursing Vocational College, Guiyang 550014, China
Key Words:Guizhou province; new record; Opisthotropis; Opisthotropis zhaoermii
Abstract:A total of 5 specimens belonging to the genus Opisthotropis were collected from Leishan county (Leigongshan National Nature Reserve, 1 specimen), Huangping county (Zhujiashan Nature Reserve, 3 specimens) and Majiang county (1 specimen) in Guizhou province in August 2010 and May 2018. After detailed morphological comparison and molecular systematic analysis, they were identified as Opisthotropis zhaoermii. This is the first record of O. zhaoermii outside of the type locality (Guzhang county, Hunan province). The phylogenetic tree constructed based on mitochondrial cyt b sequences showed that, the samples of O. zhaoermii collected from 3 counties of Guizhou province (the west of the Wuling Mountains) and the type locality (the east of the Wuling Mountains) formed a common clade, and the genetic distance between these samples was 0.08%. The results of molecular genetics revealed that O. zhaoermii should be distributed in the west and east regions of the Wuling Mountains. The remaining mountain range of the Wuling Mountains, for example, the Foding Mountains, might have important influences on the genetic differentiation of O. zhaoermii.
2019,38(4): 368-378 收稿日期:2019-01-05
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