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Road Mortality Characteristic Analysis of Reptiles in Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve
Author of the article:WANG Chao1, WANG Zhuocong1, LUO Yumei1, HUANG Naiwei2, HUANG Liya1, ZHANG Rui1, ZOU Changsheng3, PIAO Zhengji1,
Author's Workplace:1. Changbai Mountain Academy of Science, Yanbian, Jilin Province 133613, China;
2. Forestry Bureau of Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone, Yanbian, Jilin Province 133613, China;
3. Construction Group of Changbai Mountain, Yanbian, Jilin Province 133613, China
Key Words:reptile; road; traffic volume; road ecology
Abstract:The road mortality characteristic of reptiles were studied on the Ring Changbai Mountain Scenic Road, Toudao Road and Baishan Road in Changbai Mountain National Nature Reserve from 2007 to 2014. Road mortality of reptiles were recorded by direct counting method and the total length of sampling road was 1568 km. The results showed that, a total of 391 road killed reptiles, belonging to 5 species were recorded, and the average mortality was 2.5/10 km. The most vulnerable reptile was Elaphe dione, accounting for 49.9% of the total mortality. The mortality of reptiles in Ring Changbai Mountain Scenic Road was significantly differed with Baishan Road (Mann-Whitney Test Z=-3.333, P=0.001) and Toudao Road (Mann-Whitney Test: Z=-2.473, P=0.013). The highest mortality was observed in Toudao Road with the smallest roadbed width. The mortality of Gloydius saxatilis in different months was significantly different (Kruskal Wallis Test: X2=13.404, df=5, P=0.020). The monthly total mortality of reptiles was not significantly correlated with the monthly traffic volume by Pearson test (R=0.423, P=0.407). Accordingly, some protective measures of reptiles were provided.
2016,(1): 123-128 收稿日期:2015-04-12
基金项目:吉林省科技厅应用基础项目(No.201205039); 吉林省科技厅自然科学基金项目(No.20140101019JC)
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