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Description of A New Species of the Genus Pfenderius (Trematoda) from Elephas maximus
Author of the article:WU Jie1, ZHANG Dehong2, ZHAO Guanlu3, HUANG Hua3
Author's Workplace:(1. Sichuan Province Swine-Raising Research Institute, Rongchang, Sichuan Province 632453; 2. Institute of Parasitic Diseases, Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences, Chengdu 610041; 3. Chongqing Zoo, Chongqing 400050)
Key Words:Elephas maximus; Pfenderiu elephae sp. nov.; new species; description
Abstract:Pfenderiu elephae sp. nov. Wu et Zhang This new species was collected from the intestine of Elephas maximus in Chongqing Zoo. It is an ovoid worm, with a broadly rounded posterior end and the anterior end somewhat attenuate. It measures 3.267 to 4.077 mm in length by 2.673 to 3.375 mm in breadth (average 3.685 by 3.088 mm). The oral pore is surrounded by round prominentia. The oral sucker has a pair of posterior diverticula. Pharynx is absent. There is no expansive bulb at the posterior portion of the esophagus. The unbranched ceca, which are thick, have no diverticula. There are prominent papilla in the big posterior sucker. The large testes are deeply lobed, with 0.540 to 0.770 mm in length by 0.567 to 0.729 mm in breadth (average 0.620 by 0.648 mm). The cirrus pouch is present, but without the genital sucker. Type-specimens: Holotype 1, and Paratype 21. Host: Elephas maximus. Location: intestine. Locality: Chongqing Zoo, Chongqing Sichuan, China. Date: December, 1984. Type specimens are deposited in Sichuan Provincial Swine-Raising Research Institute.
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