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Digenetic Trematodes of Fishes from the Bohai Sea, China. Ⅳ. A New Species of Lepocreadae
Author of the article:QIU Zhaozhi, ZHANG Runsheng, LI Qinkui
Author's Workplace:(Department of Biology, Nankai University, Tianjin 300071)
Key Words:Lepocreadioides huanghuaensis sp. nov.; new species; Cynogolssus semilaevis; new record; Bohai sea

This paper presents a new identified species belonging to Lepocreadiidae. The type specimens are deposited in department of Biology, NankaiUniversity,Tianjin.

Lepocreadioides huanghuaensis sp. nov. (fig.)

The measure is given in millimeters.

Body oval, 2.042-2.062 long, 1.455-1.749 inmaximum wide. Oral sucker subterminal, 0.202-0.212×0.152-0.192. Pharynx 0.081-0.101×0.121-0.152. Esophagus short, ceca reaching to near posterior end of the body. Acetabulum 0.283-0.324×0.222-0.234, situated at somewhat anterior of equater line.

Testes sausage like, diagonal, left testis 0.455-0.597×0.111-0.121, right testis 0.404-0.485×0.101-0.121. Cirrus pouch saccular, enclosing seminal vesicle, prostatic complex and cirrus. External seminal vesicle preacetabulum, 0.234-0.283×0.131-0.142, internal seminal vesicle 0.152-0.192×0.111-0.131. Genital pore on left side of oral sucker.

Ovary trilobite, 0.293-0.303×0.101-0.121, situated at anterior margin of left testis. Seminal receptacle oval, 0.313-0.333×0.1210.142, behind the acetabulum. Uterus extending from ovary to metraterm. Vitelline follicles extending from bifurcating level to near posterior end of the body. Eggs 0.038-0.066×0.028-0.033.

This species most closely resembles L. indicus Srivastava, 1941 and L. cynoglossi Fischal et Thomas, 1970, but differs from them in: (1) size of the body, (2) ratio of the suckers, (3) position of the acetabulum, (4) shape and size of the testes, (5) position of the seminal receptacle and uterus.

Host: Cynoglossus semilaevis

Location: intestine

Date: April, 1985


Type specimen: 1, paratype specimen 8.
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