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Observation on the Changes in the Reproductive Organs and the Reproductive Capacity of Domesticated Male Forest Musk Deer
Author of the article:YANG Ying, WANG Chengxu, FENG Dayong, DAI Xiaoyang, WANG Jianming
Author's Workplace:Sichuan Institute of Musk Deer Breeding, Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province 611830, China
Key Words:domesticated forest musk deer; testis measurement; semen
Abstract:The size and morphology of adult male forest musk deer's testis were observed in the early reproductive and reproductive periods. The quality of male forest musk deer semen in the reproductive period collected by electrical stimulation was observed. The results showed that the length of testis was 3.74 cm and the width was 1.93 cm in the early reproductive period, while the length of testis was 4.41 cm and the width was 2.19 cm in the reproductive period. Compared with the early reproductive period, the length and width of testis in reproductive period were significantly increased (P<0.05), especially the length (P<0.01). The semen with pH 6.5~7 was milky and slightly fishy; its volume was 0.06~0.8 mL; its density was 0.03~3.8 billion per mL and the ratio of fresh semen motility was 0.5~0.8. The semen was preserved for 15~31 h at room temperature and 20~120 h at low temperature. These results provided the reference value for selection of breeding deer species.
2015,(): 117-119 收稿日期:2014-7-28
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