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Cladistic Analysis of the Phylogenetic Relationships among Species of Family Bopyridae (Crustacea, Isopoda) Based on Morphological Characters
Author of the article:SHI Eryan, ZHANG Xiuqing, AN Jianmei*
Author's Workplace:(College of Life Science, Shanxi Normal University, Linfen, Shanxi Province 041004, China)
Key Words:Bopyridae; cladistic analysis; phylogeny; sister group; monophyly
Abstract:The phylogenetic relationships among 38 species of the family Bopyridae were studied based on 47 morphological characters of the samples collected from Chinese seas, using cladistic analysis by PAUP program. The results showed that among the 38 species, Gigantione ishigakiensis (Shiino, 1941) of Psedioninae derived earlier than other species, Athelges takanoshimensis (Ishii, 1914) and Pseudostegias setoensis (Shiino, 1933) of the subfamily of Athelginae derived later than other species. Finally, the following were the sister groups that identified in this study: Asymmetrione globifera (An et al., 2009) and Parasymmetrione tuberculineata (An et al., 2010); Gyge ovalis (Shiino, 1939) and G. fujianensis (An et al., 2009); Dactylokepon holthuisi (Bourdon, 1967) and Upogebione bidigitatus (An et al., 2009) ; Onkokepon articulatus (An et al., 2006) and Onkokepon beibuensis (An et al., 2006); Allokepon monody (Bourdou,1967) and A. longicauda (Duan et al., 2008).
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