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A New Species of Genus Drawida from the Changbai Mountains (Oligochaeta : Moniligasteridae)
Author of the article:WU ji-hua1, SUN Xi-da2
Author's Workplace:(1.Institute of Hydrobiology, Academia Sinica, Wuhan 430072; 2.Deparpment of Biology, Hangzhou Normal College, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province 310012)
Key Words:Changbai Mountains; Drawida; Moniligastridae; new species
Drawida changbaishanensis sp. nov. (fig., 1-3)
External character: 100 – 160 mm long, 3.2 – 6.1 mm wide, 120 – 180 segments (Holotype: L. 120 mm, D. 4.8 mm, segs. 130). Clitellum in , glandular part slightly swollen, less glandulated ventrally. Male pores in intersegmental furrow 10/11, each pore in a transverse slit possessing anterior and posterior elevated swollen lips. Genital papillae usually paired situated on -Ⅺ. Spermathcal pores one pair in 7/8, and one smaller papilla on each side of spermathcal pore at posterior edge of .
Internal anatomy: Gizzards four in ⅩⅢ-ⅩⅥ. Testis sacs one pair well developed, about 10mm in length. Spermathcae one pair, heart-shaped, without atrium which usually present in other known species.
Specimens: Holotype and 30 paratypes collected from the changbai Mountains in July 1994, deposited in the Department of Biology, Hangzhou Normal College.
Remarks: The new species resembles Drawida papillifer Stephenson 1917, but differs from the latter by the pairly arranged genital papillae in -Ⅺ, one smaller papilla on each side of spermathcal pore; no male atrium; no spermathcal atrium; testis sacs large and four gizzards in ⅩⅢ-ⅩⅥ.
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