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Issue:ISSN 1000-7083
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Analysis of Amino Acids and Vitamins in Medicinal Periplaneta americana
Author of the article:WANG L X, GONG R Y, ZENG C J, DING X P
Author's Workplace:Sichuan University,Sichuan University,Sichuan University,Sichuan Good Doctor Panxi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, Sichuan University
Key Words: Periplaneta americana; amino acid; vitamin
Abstract:Periplaneta americana belongs to the Blattodea, Blattidae, Periplaneta, commonly known as cockroach. It is a famous health pest and an important medicinal insect. Medicines and daily chemicals made from artificially reared American cockroach are receiving more and more attentions. In this paper, the content of 18 amino acids and vitamins was determined by using the American cockroach at different developmental stages under artificial breeding conditions. The results show that all the insects of the American cockroach contain 18 kinds of amino acids, and the total amount of amino acids ranges from 23.27 to 29.44%. The essential amino acid content is 44.04-49.55% to the total amino acids, which is better than the 40% standard recommended by WHO/FAO. Therefore, American cockroach belongs to the quality complete protein resource. Compared with adults, the nymphal amino acid content is higher, and tryptophan, glutamic acid, alanine, aspartic acid and glycine are more abundant. Among the five vitamins tested, vitamin E is the highest, and the new molted adult and female adults are as high as 12 ppm. American cockroach is rich in tryptophan, glutamic acid and vitamin E, which may be related to the functions of sleep promotion, hair growth promotion and antioxidant functions of American cockroach-related products.
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