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Preliminary Research of microRNA in Periplaneta americana
宝钲1, 杨茗羽2, 张修月1, 岳碧松1,2,3, 范振鑫1*
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作者单位:1. 生物资源与生态环境教育部重点实验室, 四川大学生命科学学院, 成都 610065;
2. 四川药用动物工程技术研究中心, 四川西昌 615000;
3. 药用美洲大蠊四川省重点实验室, 成都 610031
英文关键字:Periplaneta americana; microRNA; differential expression
中文摘要:美洲大蠊Periplaneta americana是一种世界性的卫生害虫,但其提取物有较高的药用价值。本研究对饲养的雌雄美洲大蠊成虫进行microRNA测序,分别在雄性和雌性中得到12 155 616条和9 847 263条序列。序列长度主要为18~23 nt,且在22 nt和29 nt处有2个峰值。将所得序列与数据库(NCBI、Rfam)进行比对注释,最终在雄性成虫中鉴定到57种已知的microRNA和152种潜在的新microRNA,在雌性成虫中鉴定到53种已知的microRNA和94种潜在的新microRNA。差异表达分析发现只有一种microRNA:miR-750在雌雄之间差异表达,其在雌虫中表达量显著高于雄虫。本研究首次在基因组水平研究了美洲大蠊microRNA的组成并对其功能进行了预测,为其后续研究奠定了基础。
英文摘要:American cockroach (Periplaneta americana) is known as one of the public health pests worldwide. Meanwhile, its extracts are valuable for medical use. In this study, sequencing of microRNAs of the reared cockroaches was carried out. A total of 12 155 616 and 9 847 263 sequences were obtained from the male and female individuals, respectively. The length of sequences mainly ranged from 18 nt to 23 nt with a bimodal distribution at 22 nt and 29 nt. Annotation of these clean reads were performed according to databases of Rfam and NCBI by Blastn. Finally, 57 known microRNAs and 152 novel microRNAs were identified from the male group, while 53 known microRNAs and 94 novel microRNAs were identified from the female group. Differential expression analysis indicated that only one microRNA (miR-750) was significantly up-regulated in female P. americana compared to that of the male. This is the first study concerning on the composition and function of microRNAs in P. americana at genomic level, and thus lay a foundation for further study on P. americana.
2019,38(1): 47-55 收稿日期:2018-05-10
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